The infographic is a way of presenting statistics and ‘hard’ data in an attractive manner, using drawings and descriptive images. Here are some tips suggested by experts to create infographics work.

How to Design an Infographic

Make a chart to give you, literally, around the world, is not easy. The challenge becomes even more complicated when a target business behind him, which tests the skills of the designer, who has to find ways to unleash your creativity and expertise in a subject that might not even be their liking.

infographicSuch is the case of Grisel Olmedo and Liscely Alarcón, Creative Manager and Designer Junior, respectively. Both put their efforts on design work of all kinds, two companies engaged in e-commerce in the area classified. Every day his work with the expected challenges and challenges, always with time up as the White Rabbit and Alice.

The type of materials that led to the work of Grisel and Liscely to turn the world are the infographic or infographics. Among the most surprising for its clean and fresh design are one alluding to Water Day, as a memorial of the 50 years of the Mustang, which came to be published in the United States, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates; the infographic on Sony® in blogs and colonies that will be fashionable in the DF, hence the importance of knowing them.

What is an infographic?

“An infographic is a visual medium on which you present accurate and synthesized, leaning heavily on visual resources. Designing information required to draw on all the wit hard data available to represent friendly and creatively, ” says Grisel. This adds Liscely, is “an agile reading result.”

5 Tips to Make Infographics

Grisel offers five recommendations for making infographics they become real contributions:

  • Converts as possible the text in pictures
  • You have to be analytical. Remove straw and let the truly important: the hard data
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Weights, sizes, colors and simple shapes to draw attention to the correct points
  • An infographic does not have to be boring: use vibrant colors to highlight the truly important
    It’s not what you say, you is HOW you say it

Another recommendation of the team and may be the most important: do different things, things that surprise and no one has, creatively communicates information using these tools.