To develop your job depend your self esteem and your professional development. Know the secret to doing, but without falling into perfectionism.

The Secret to do your job well, without falling into Perfectionism

Even people with high self-esteem and desire to do things right sometimes have doubts about whether the company they work for have a good concept of their work; if they are impresario or so occasionally freelances doubt about their own performance. But beware, do not go falling into perfectionism that will only lead to suffering.

JobsFind out what to expect from you

The first thing to figure out is the detailed description of your position, if possible in writing. If you do not facilitate it, go asking the questions you may have until you are familiar with all facets of the job. Note that anyone prefers to be asked before the work is not well done or is incomplete.

Although jobs are changing and sometimes have to know adapt to new circumstances, if you do not know your place in depth always have doubts about where to start and end your duties of others, about which quality standards are expect from you, and where your strengths and areas for improvement are.

Avoid perfectionism

It is common to see people with very high capacities and positions of responsibility who doubt themselves frequently. The reason for doubts is none other than perfectionism, which is reached when, seeking excellence, we cross the border and we can not stop.

Rather than congratulate ourselves on our achievements and our efforts, we continue pulling the rope without knowing slow, we continue by demanding more and more until low self-esteem. From that moment, begin doubts about our abilities, our knowledge and our own performance. Do not fall into the trap, excellence clearly Yes, but perfectionism Never.

If you’re unsure / or that you’re doing well, question!

Many times we ask for fear that our question do not like, or do not bother. This attitude is very bad for you and for the company, because the energy you waste in doubt your performance, you’re letting you use it in focus and optimize your results.

Sure to ask is an art. You have to know the right time searching questions and think before acting , to ensure that our concerns are well understood. Note that you should not ask questions too general, the more specific they are, the concrete will be the answers.

Develop your job well without falling into perfectionism is so important to you and the company, it depend on your self esteem and your professional development. Get a detailed job description, and when in doubt about whether you’re doing your job well, ask !.

“The work always helps, because work is not doing what you imagined but to discover what you have inside”