Learn the ultimate trick to pluck her eyebrows as if you had been in the salon, at home in minutes.

Easy technique for plucking eyebrows

For plucking eyebrows you can choose the method you prefer, use hot wax, tweezers, thread screwed or whatever you want. But beyond the item, you must know how to shave to give a natural, neat and attractive, shape according to the shape and color of your eyes, and your particular style.

FashionPrepare your items for hair removal

For plucking eyebrows properly not only you need hot wax or tweezers and a mirror. You should also have on hand a pencil, a brush handle or long pole (can be the skewers), that is, any element straight, thin and long. You’ll also need a small comb (the mascara brush is ideal) and perhaps a pencil eyeliner or illuminating light-colored to indicate the eyebrow before plucking.

Be sure to prepare the site where you do this task, with a clean mirror (better if you increase), and very good lighting. Natural is the most favorable, but if it is night, place a warm white lamp to illuminate your face well, without your hands make shadow.

5 Steps to tweeze eyebrows

1. Take the measurements of your eyebrow pencil placed next to your nose flap, and leads to the other end where it begins the thickest part (not vellitos loose, but the main body). This is the beginning of your brow, and you can mark it with an eyeliner pencil or highlighter makeup, or remove any hairs that have the eyebrows now.

2. Now, still keeping the pencil against the side of your nose, take him to the temple, until the stick touches the outer corner of the eye. The rest of the pen will show you exactly where your brow should end . Brand and then shaves or removes hairs now remaining outside this point.

3. Put the pencil parallel to your nose, but towards the cheekbone. Look straight ahead and located opposite the iris of your eye, and then take it to where the rainbow ends , to the temple (where the color circle is completed and begins the white area of the eye). Where the stick or pencil with one eyebrow, should your bow or point of maximum height. Post it, or remove all hairs surplus this point.

4. Remove all other hairs that have remained outside the marks indicated both to the temple and towards the forehead and between the eyebrows. Then, with the small comb, comb the eyebrows following its natural growth.

5. Remove misdirected hairs : The next step for plucking eyebrows is check for “misguided” hairs. Remove them and finish removing any remaining on the lid outside the main body.

As the width that you give to the main body, this will depend on your personal style and the shape and size of your eyes (eyes bigger, thinner eyebrows in general rules). Remember shave eyebrows enough time, slowly and carefully, on both sides of the face with symmetry. Also, be sure to do it at night, to prevent the newly irritated skin is exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours.

With these 5 easy steps to tweeze eyebrows everything will be easier, and far more effective than simply passing the wax and give the milestone. Avoid removing areas more, and you’ll naturally without too thin these unsightly lines that often occur when we do the corresponding measurements.