How to know if you can work out what you are passionate about? Doing what we like is a dream, but if it becomes a profession it may not be so. Questions to find out.

Would you like to work for your passion?

Not everyone has clear whether can work their passions. Many people know what your passion is, but doubt whether it would be feasible to live, or whether it would be better to remain a hobby. It is an interesting situation because, although many think so, your passion must not be your profession. It can be, but need not be. It’s your choice.

JobsBut the question may arise you is, do you know if I can live my passion, or if I want to live it or not ?. And that one thing is that you like and quite another to become your profession.

There are cases of people who chose not to engage professionally to their passion because they were not willing to accept the sacrifices that it entailed. Each person is different. The question is how can you know how to make that decision ?

Questions to see if you can work on what you like

There are two questions you need to consider:

1. Do you really love so much as to devote every day?

Because sometimes something you are passionate about, but if you think about dedicating yourself to it every day for several hours you realize that you do not feel much. That’s a sign that then it is better to stay as a hobby. Do you see yourself working every day of what you like?

If not, you have your answer.

Now imagine that you say yes, of course, is your passion and you never get tired. Perfect, then we turn to the second question:

2. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it your profession?

Because one thing is to do what you like and do other things other leads have a business or profession. And is that to make your passion your profession will always be parts you do not like and make sacrifices (of time, money or effort), it is part of the “package”.

To see if you will like to work what you love, responds: are you willing to do what you have to do? And this is key. Not everyone is willing and well, there are other options. What do you want? To live your passion at any cost? Or maybe a quieter life style and your passion as a hobby ?

There is no right or wrong answer, it is important that your passion is in your life in some way. You choose how that is.