The hours are 24 daily, although sometimes we seem less. But this feeling may be because we do not give priority to profitable activities that give us pleasure and make us feel full every day.

Tips for organizing our agenda

I recently read an excellent article by Lynn Marie Sager, “The Power of Vaccuum”, which talks about a topic that I often mention in passing in my articles and that is very common among professional women. The feeling that not enough hours in the day and that although you’re always very busy, you’re not satisfied, you have a full life, a life of purpose.

LifestyleAlso, I heard that according to a study, 66% of women are stressed and feel that the day are not enough hours. As I’m sure this applies to women of any nationality, I decided to write about it.

How to have a full life

We have the day chock full of activities, come running to and fro, we seem to day are not enough hours and hopefully we did not have nor to eat to do more things (that if you’re not one to skip the Food for the gym).

The problem with this situation is not only that you are stressed, exhausted and do not have time for everything you’d want , but the years go by and one day you realize that your life lacks something, that does not are taking advantage. The question is, are you doing something useful with your life?, Or the are filling with all kinds of activities that do not involve any kind of satisfaction or fulfillment ?

From the list of things you have done, what is there to improve your quality of life that makes you enjoy that take you to your definition of personal and professional success ? Or perhaps you’re doing things without thinking twice? Of course, we all have certain obligations which must be ordered, but are part of your activities or are the majority? If most of the activities you do are required and do not add much, what you strange if your life is meaningless?

The point is that because your day will be full of activities and very busy, why not try it with activities that contribute something to your life that are important to you? Of course it is not easy, if it were there would be 66% of women stressed. Your schedule is always busy, always have more things to do, there will always be people who will add more things to your list. But think for a moment, what would your life be like you want, full, purposeful?

Here’s the important thing, if you fill your day with all kinds of relatively trivial activities, and then try searching time for the really important things for you, you will not find. So what is the alternative? Set things you care first and fill in the blanks with the rest.

Imagine you have a glass jar of a certain size and you have to fill it with sand and pebbles. If you fill the jar to the top with sand, then by hard you try you will not be able to put any marble. However, if you filled with marbles, there’s always some room for sand. Of course, you can not get all the sand, the end of the jar has an invariable size, but you can choose how much you want to put everything.

If we apply this to your life any given day has just 24 hours, however much they want to stretch; It is like the pot, has a certain size and you can not do anything about it. The sand are activities that do not add quality to your life, obligations, “should”, etc. And the marbles are the truly important things that make you life more enjoyable, which make your day worthwhile. So you know, you can choose to fill your jar of sand, which is probably what you’ve been doing (with the occasional marble from time to time, of course). Or you can put all the marbles as you can and fill voids with sand. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can not get it all, so take your pick and what you choose will determine your quality of life.

If you continue by focusing on activities that add nothing to your life, eventually you run out of energy and feel that the days you escape unnoticed. If you continue doing everything for others without taking care of yourself, more of the same. If no program time for the things that are important to you now, you never will and fill your life with sand (yours and others).

Tell me, what will you choose? Remember Me running and doing things that do not add value to your life or start filling the jar of marbles?