Make telecommuting has become a widely used by businesses. If you want to delve into this world, you have six keys that you keep in mind to succeed.

Telecommuting Features

Those wishing to make telecommuting not have to search the publications deals with that name, since in most cases employers ask translators, programmers, designers and administrative, with the proviso that they must perform certain tasks at home.

JobsThe Formal telework, to put it one way, is that comprising an employment relationship where the employer pays a salary and make employee contributions. But there is another type of telework where the person is autonomous, i.e. that is responsible for paying medical service, for example. Perhaps an employee has started with a “normal” job and then has been offered the possibility of working from home. Or, you already know what the rules are in that company and accepted.

Most multinationals encourage their employees to do telecommuting, and who have studied the matter and often have excellent results. But beware, this methodology job is not for everyone, as some may have serious drawbacks to focus on their tasks without thinking they are at home.

To telework independently also apply the same standards, although in that case there is no boss telling you what to do, when and how. Customers can get to make teleworking receive your services as you have previously agreed. In either case, the knowledge necessary to become teleworkers are those derived from the use of computer and Internet; also can be spreadsheets, information search, data collection, communications, etc.

Tips for telecommuting

Make telecommuting, or as is said elsewhere, “remotely”, is something that is being implemented increasingly in the business world. No doubt that this mode has revolutionized the way to get and keep a job. However, for some people to work from home can be a tedious due to the closure, or not be able to talk with colleagues. It is also true that there are many benefits: not having to travel or go to the office, save on meals purchased and not think about how to dress to go to work, have more freedom, be in a more comfortable environment when it’s cold or raining, etc .

To bad habits or lack of experience not sabotage this opportunity to work from home , check out the following tips to make teleworking :

1. Keep the routine

Although you do not head to the office, get up at the same time. You can take advantage of quiet family breakfast in the time it would take you to get to work. If only some days you stay at home, do not change the schedule of the Clock, takes advantage of those extra minutes or hours.

Follow your routine as usual, so you can focus on your work and not feel that you’re on vacation. It has only changed the working scenario, but not your obligations. It is tempting to stay in bed a little longer, but that’s not recommended. Better if you do that you never have time, like walking a bit in the morning.

2. Create a workspace

By working from home, interruptions or distractions can be greater than in the office. If you have the possibility to set up a kind of office other than the living room or better.

If you use a laptop, take the opportunity to go to the patio or balcony. If you have no choice and do the telework in a common area with the rest of your family, try not to turn on the television. In some cases, you can use a curtain or something that separates you from the others so that they also know you’re busy.

3. Do not get distracted with chores

By doing telework is a great temptation to build on that day at home to clean, sort, shopping, etc. However, all this will only serve to make you be late on your obligations.

Therefore, the third of the tips for teleworking is first complete assigned tasks and then move to the housework.

4. Always respect the agenda when teleworking

You need to be very organized to telework. If necessary, purchase an organizer or use one PC. Make a list of tasks that are priority and that will take longer. Determines the order of your activities, taking into account how much you need to fulfill.

5. Explain to others who are working

Your family or your friends may think that because you are not in the office is a day off. Therefore, explain clearly what telework is and you can not do other activities in the meantime. Be very clear on this point, society is still not 100% ready to understand that the use of the computer at home is not only synonymous with entertainment.

6. Take advantage of technology

One of the advantages of telecommuting is that you can use technology to your advantage. You will be connected with anyone remotely, you can make conference, chat, email and use online programs, in most cases, free, to share information. Participates in such a way that your boss or employer realize that you are working and not watching television, for example.

And finally, to do telework recalls that self discipline is more important if you want to succeed in the field or not lose this opportunity in your job.