Seagulls have become a menace across the UK, with reports of attacks on people and animals increasing with every passing year. These birds are particularly fierce in mating season and will become aggressive whenever they feel threatened.

Pre-empting the gull mating season

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A pensioner died after being attacked by gulls, while many animals have been badly or fatally injured when they have crossed paths with these birds. Every year, at the start of mating season, the media is filled with warnings about the dangers of these birds, with a variety of precautionary measures suggested. Although the breeding season only lasts a few weeks, the gulls can cause huge damage in this time. In some areas it has become so bad that postmen have refused to deliver mail.

By pre-empting the gull-mating season, you can ensure that you are well prepared at a time when these birds are at their most ferocious.

Safeguarding buildings

All species of gull are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act in the UK, and any measure to control them must be carried out in accordance with the strict provisions set out by this authority.

The safeguarding of buildings and the implementation of nuisance bird management must be conducted by a reliable company such as Careful planning is required to manage these birds and only those with experience should attempt to control the nesting and breeding of gulls. Tried and tested techniques to discourage birds from nesting and roosting ensure that buildings are kept gull free, making the area safe from attacks.

Avoidance tactics

Several business owners have resorted to putting up signs warning about aggressive gulls or utilising control methods to ensure no gulls can breed or nest on roofs or other areas of buildings. Car parks have also become a problem area for many and gulls have had to be discouraged from nesting inside.

For pedestrians, precautionary measures such as steering clear of any gulls and avoiding groups of birds is advised. If it becomes apparent that there may be a bird trying to dive bomb you, it is suggested that shelter is sought as quickly as possible.

Gulls may not seem like the most vicious of creatures; however, even when unintentionally provoked, they can be incredibly aggressive and avoiding them at all costs is essential.