There are many demanding work environments that can have an impact on your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you’re exposed to constant, high noise levels, or maybe working at heights or doing heavy lifting. It is very important to take breaks during long hours of work and have medical check-ups every now and then.

Health issues usually reveal themselves as something as small as a headache and when not treated properly can lead to a chronic pain. Stay healthy and safe at all times and learn how to recognise hazards related to your occupation.


It might be convenient to work during different hours from time to time, but completely irregular shifts may really affect your health. It has been proven that people who work outside of a fixed schedule experience more indigestion and sleeping problems.

People who stay awake during night hours in order to complete their duty are more likely to experience depression and headaches. Lack of sleep may also lead to more injuries and mistakes because your mind is too tired to respond properly.

Shifts may also encourage unhealthy eating choices based on fast foods and sugary drinks. Eating at different hours can slow down your metabolism and cause stomach problems.

Solution: Always try to exercise regularly to stay in shape. Instead of buying junk food, plan and prepare your meals at home. Learn how to improve the quality of your sleep for a better rest.

Lifting Heavy Weights

Mechanics, construction workers and anybody else who works with heavy materials has to take extra precautions to protect their backs. Any sudden lifting without proper support can create a danger to your muscles and spine.

Any awkward and fast movement can lead to dangerous twists and strains. If the load is too heavy it might be harder to grasp it and hold it properly. As a result, you can cause an accident, material damage or even self-injury.

Solution: Be sure to read and understand manual handling instructions at your workplace. Know your limits and never rush into any task. Ask for help if you think you might be putting yourself at risk.

Heat Strokes

The temperature at your workplace has a big impact on your health and performance. If you feel too hot you’re not able to focus properly and your risk assessment is not efficient. Humidity and high temperatures can also cause fainting and sleepiness.

Staying for a long time in this uncomfortable environment can lead to hyperventilation. You may also experience blurred vision and hallucinations.

Solution: Wear appropriate industry uniform and be sure to take hydration breaks. For any sudden weather changes, be prepared to add or remove a layer. Stay in the shade as often as you can and check the weather forecast in order to plan your tasks accordingly.

Physical activity at work might be dangerous sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t stay safe. To improve your performance, always stays alert and vigilant. Remember that work routine may keep you more relaxed but it also creates more room for error.