The discovery of a foundation leak is upsetting to a homeowner. Leaks can lead to serious complications with the foundation of your home and should never be neglected. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a foundation leak repair is a DIY project; repair requires the expertise of a professional. Checking your basement and foundation on a regularly will help you catch a crack as it starts and will enable you to save time and cost.

When You Find a Leak

When you discover a leak in your foundation check the outside area for excessive ground water, pooling from gutter runoff or spills, extremely dry soil, and tree roots. It helps to know what may be contributing to the water damage when you call a professional foundation repair service.

According to Murrell’s Waterproofing you should never try to repair a foundation leak yourself. The integrity of your foundation is crucial to the stability and value of your home. To avoid a potential hazardous experience and incur costly repairs, it is vital to consult first with a professional before attempting to repair the breach yourself. Hiring a professional to repair your foundation leak will ensure the safety of your home and circumvent a possible financial loss.

Why You Need a Professional

A repair to your home’s foundation is a challenging undertaking. It requires the knowledge and training of a seasoned foundation specialist. Plumbers and general repair contractors do not have the training, skills, or experience to handle this type of problem and can cause additional damage with their efforts.

How Leak Repairs Are Made

Midwest Basement Tech explains there are two ways a foundation leak can be repaired and both ways are effective. The first repair method happen to the interior of the home; cracking is applied which chips the floor, the cracks are then patched up again. The second interior repair method is crack injection; a urethane resin with an epoxy paste is injected into the crack as filler. This combination is both flexible and waterproof. When foundation leaks are made from the outside, all the soil surrounding the wall must be removed to expose the crack. Repair is made with an impermeable water barrier. Once the repair is complete, the yard soil is shoveled back in place.

Both types of foundational leak repair are successful. An inspection repair by a professional foundation contractor will determine which method is best for your foundation leak.