Traveling by bike is an adventure, but can be dangerous if we do not take the necessary precautions. Pay attention to these tips if you’re planning a motorcycle trip.

Review of the motorcycle before traveling

To make a long motorcycle trip requires many more provisions relating to a car trip. So, it should consider other features and any added difficulty in that we moved to body discovered not enjoy the security of a car.

BikeThe last thing you want is to be left standing in the middle of the road by any preventable problem, so we will review all the issues or likely to be damaged by the passage of kilometers parties. First, all the mechanical parts of the vehicle (engine, brakes , gears …) must work perfectly and have not suffered any damage, any doubt should go to the mechanic and rule out future problems. The tires, of course, must be in perfect conditions and with the right pressure, just as we review the level of oil in the engine, considering that in a long-distance travel can be spent more quickly than the car.

Luggage and personal security for a motorcycle trip

Like the belt of a car must work perfectly, the helmet of the motorcyclist must also fulfill its mission, which is to save lives on the road. Therefore, it must be in perfect condition and have good clean visor, ensuring proper visibility. Apart from this element, the pilot has other accessories personal safety, such as trellises or padded garments that cushion the blows.

The luggage also influences the safety drive ; well distributed should not give any problems, that is, using not only backpack, but also the rear rack and side compartments (if any), balancing the weight of the whole motorcycle’s rider and passenger.

Preparing long motorcycle trip

It goes without saying that all travel must use a good detailed road map, having previously studied the route, as well as scheduled stops at specific points such as hotels, petrol stations and supermarkets. Keep abreast of the weather forecast and always carry a folded suit to repel rain never hurts, considering that, unlike the car, on the bike itself that we are exposed to the weather.

Finally, when driving a motorcycle should rest every hour and a half, and of course, avoid all kinds of alcohol, drugs, distractions and lack of sleep.