Reckless driving can be termed as careless driving but has more weight than careless diving. As a matter of fact, reckless driving is a traffic offence that is punishable by law. In public law, reckless driving is a situation whereby a driver ignores traffic rules and goes on further to violate the rules. As a result, accidents occur that include destruction of property and harming of innocent people.

In most countries, reckless driving has been tied with a number of driving violations. In other countries or nations, reckless driving is tied with mental deficiencies in recognizing and honoring traffic rules while in others mental conditions are not regarded as a cause of reckless driving.

Speeding is a major offense that attributes to reckless driving. Driving at high speeds is seen as a way of endangering other road users and property.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is also regarded as reckless driving and is thus punishable by law.

Persons driving in any parking facility that is off the street is also guilty of reckless driving. The person is seen to be in willful disregard of the potential threat that is being posed to property and to people who are within the parking facility.

Driving in a careless manner not necessarily speeding but in a way that threatens the safety of people and property is also seen as reckless driving. The issues to be considered for instance include careless negotiation of corners, overlapping, overtaking around blind corners and ignorance of traffic lights. The person who is guilty of the above charges is endangering his life, passengers, property and other road users such as pedestrians.

Another perspective considered as reckless diving is the act of fleeing from a law enforcer with the use of a motor vehicle. The act is not only considered as obstruction to justice but also as a means of endangering the lives of other people and property in the scenario of being a fugitive. Thus, the act is punishable by law.

Other acts termed as reckless driving include driving on the wrong lane, overtaking of two vehicles that are abreast, failure to give the right and proper traffic signals, driving a vehicle that is faulty and cannot be controlled and driving without view of the road.

The penalties that are imposed due to reckless driving vary with the result that occurs. However, penalties are also imposed whether or not any accidents occur to try and prevent occurrence of the offense in the future.

In most nations and counties, a person found guilty of reckless driving is imprisoned, fined or both. For example, in the state of Alabama in the United States of America, a person found guilty of reckless driving is imprisoned for a period not less than five days and not exceeding a period of ninety days. The person is also fined at least twenty five dollars or a maximum of five hundred dollars.

Another penalty of reckless driving is the suspension of the driver’s license for a period dictated by law through the director of public transport safety. It is always advised to pass driving test before you actually hit the road.