If you are planning your holiday, you should know how to check the car before you travel and avoid accidents, but also delays on the road or discomfort in your family.

Preparing the car to travel

The first thing to keep in mind to check the car before you travel is to have regular check-ups done to prevent avoidable breakdowns or problems. It is good to consult with the garage each how much you should take (a certain amount of kilometers). But in addition, before traveling, the car should be in perfect condition, especially because You will go down the road.

AutoTips to prepare the car before travel

To check the car before a trip is necessary to divide the vehicle sections, and review each one:

– The tires : If you do not change much does not hesitate to buy new ones. Maybe you do not want to spend so much money because you prefer to use for the holidays, but remember that are essential to walk on any surface or weather situation. If wear is excessive, it will be more difficult for them to stop in time or shoot well in the rain, for example.

– The oil : The oil level should be checked within the plan to prepare the car to travel, because if it is not as it should be produced in the motor overheating and even melt. Imagine the disaster that would mean on vacation or in the middle of the road.

– The brakes : They are really very important to be in perfect condition. Be sure to change the brake pads and check the fluid and discs. If any of these things is not right, do not hesitate to change it.

– Lights: To see if a light works well is not necessary to go to the mechanic, you can determine yourself. The position, short, long, flashing and lights should turn on and off accordingly. If any of these lights does not work, you change lamps or make them check. Remember that everything is important in order to leave the car ready to travel.

– Liquids: In addition to those mentioned above, it is good to check how coolant levels, radiator fluid and wiper water. In the latter case, it is advisable to use distilled water because the tap has lime spoiling the engine. If traveling in winter time, also make sure you have antifreeze.

– The suspension, alignment, balancing: All this we must analyze different mechanical tests done to the vehicle. It is really important, because the driving at high speeds on the road is when there are more risks of feeling vibrations in the steering wheel, or having trouble getting the car “go right”.

– The security: In reviewing the car before traveling you have these accessories, essential for your safety, your family and the other people moving down the road. These are the warning triangles, reflective vest, spare wheel, the extinguisher and basic tools (like wrench, screwdriver, etc.).

How to plan a long drive

Once you have checked all about mechanics, there are other issues to consider. To plan a long drive, consider not forget:

– Documentation: All that proves who the vehicle permits to use it, the proof of payment of insurance, driving license, etc. Also, do not forget the documents of all occupants.

– Suitcases: You must place them so that all come in the trunk, avoiding carry bags inside the car. Besides being more comfortable during the trip, you will have less chance of a crash or an accident. It takes the bare minimum one, otherwise packed.

– Seats: Among the tips for organizing a long drive, internal facilities are a very important point. Starting with the state of the seats, which should not only hold back, but also offer comfort to spend several hours in the same position

– Heating or cooling : Nothing is more uncomfortable to travel suffering heat or cold. The second case is easier to tolerate because cars come with a heating system. The problem lies in the summer months, when the sun is very strong. Analyzes buy an air conditioner for the vehicle and install it before going on holiday. It will be an investment, not an expense.

– Special measures : If you are traveling with small children or pets, it is necessary to pay attention to some specific steps to stop the car ready to travel. Babies should be no exception in his chair and dogs with specific safety belt (never loose because it can cause an accident). Also used to check that all the belts are in good condition.

Remember to prepare the car to travel reduces the chance of accidents and being uncomfortable.