Amazon started out selling books – there used to be a book right there in their logo and they used the strapline ‘Earth’s biggest bookstore’ – but it has now expanded its range so much that it’s almost difficult to remember that they were once just a book store. For any other business, such a rapid pace of change would be pretty confusing – it’s as though Barnes and Noble had started selling groceries all of a sudden – but Amazon seems, somehow, to pull it off. Despite offering everything under the sun for sale, they still retain a cohesive brand identity. 

Perhaps this is because, lacking a physical store, everyone sees something a bit different when they log on to Amazon: The website organizes itself according to your preferences even if you’ve never shopped with them, using all manner of sophisticated algorithms and tracking software to target individual shoppers with selected items and deals. This means that while they look a little different to everyone, they also look comfortingly familiar to each individual: If you buy a lot of hip-hop, you’ll log on to and see a lot of hip-hop related items. Then, you can use an Amazon Canada promo code to save money on all those products and more!

biggest superstore

More importantly, their use of software to build up a sophisticated set of customer identities means that they can target you special offers tailored to you. So, there’s no need to search for a great bargain for hours either at a mall or online: It’ll come straight to you! You don’t even need an Amazon com promotional code but that can save you money, too, on the rare occasions that the right bargain doesn’t present itself.

On top of that, since Amazon offer all kinds of products, now, from the books that were their original mainstay to, most recently, groceries, you can get deals on all kinds of products, all in one place. If you buy a book about how to make bread one day, Amazon will let you know if it has a special offer on flour or yeast the next. You can pile saving on top of saving, all at the click of a button. In fact, you don’t even need to click a button to find the savings: They turn up on the front page of the website the moment it loads up. And you can use an Amazon ca promo code to get still more savings.

While it might be slightly worrying that Amazon knows you better than you do, there’s no denying how effective it’s become: Having taken over the bookselling industry, it’s also rolled out products such as e-readers that had never previously been successful, despite numerous efforts, proving that it’s able to genuinely innovate and provide people with new products, not just cheaper version of old ones. Now that it offers groceries, it’s even threatening other corporate titans like Walmart, suggesting that there’s more battles to come in the world of e-commerce. How each company responds remains to be seen, but what’s for certain is that consumers will benefit from lower prices, innovative products and new ways of shopping for years to come.