Need raise the spirits and leave behind those gray clouds over your head ?. Try these ideas.

How to Raise the mood

We’ve all been ever (more than you would like, probably) for those times when we do not know what to try to raise the spirits, forget the pains and frustrations, retrieve laughter and live better. We tried this and that, but nothing seems to work. We begin to fantasize about inventing a magic pill that brings us good humor, consider a consultation with a psychiatrist to prescribe us dangerous drugs that block our emotions, envy with some anger those who are able to lift the spirits in question days after suffering from that fall we just experienced.

LifestyleBut all is not lost, nor need to resort to drastic measures to raise the spirits, avoid depression and regain good humor you just have to trust these tips and try them at least once and although you seem silly, because they have demonstrated great success to raise the mood and raise your spirit beaten, and achieve recovery record time.

First step to raise the spirits: Stop thinking about the past

Yes, it is easier said than done. But to raise the spirits after a fall is critical but recall that grim moment in our life. Very few people manage to do just forcing it, the truth is that we are creatures of habit and fall into the easy trap to remember that frustration, that mistake, why we left dejected. But there are some good ways to stop thinking about it and elevate mood quickly .

To achieve this you should play him a trick your mind. Think of something else, purpose a project that occupies your mind completely, do something that literally leaves you no time or space to think about why you hurt. You can read an engaging, doing crossword puzzles or games crossword. You can write a story (no matter if it’s no good, you’re just taking your mind on something else to make up the mood ), trying to solve a complex equation, or even start learning a new language or a science that requires you to pay attention. Do whatever is necessary to think about something else and lift your spirits more easily.

Raise the spirits occupying time

Another step to raise the spirits is to occupy the time. When we have nothing to do, we tend to remember why we need to put aside for a few moments. So do a task that you keep your hands and mind will help.

You can serve your garden with detail, or start a new bonsai. Take your time to turn gray in something useful, and make a deep cleaning and order in every room of your home. You can prepare tasty meals then you solve the dinners and lunches a week, making cookies for your pets, or prepare delicacies to donate to the community center in your city.

You can start a new hobby, take classes in crafts, painting the house, make new curtains or clothing, or donate your time in the hospital or at a community center in need, to raise the spirits while helping to others to live better .

Third step to lift the spirits: Do what you like!

Finally, do things you like, that give you pleasure, even if they seem somewhat silly. Take time alone at home or in a park, to sing those songs you love. When nobody sees you, and do it “as if no one saw you.” Play dress up creating original outfits with your clothes every day it will be strange at first, but it will distract you and will remind you of childhood, when all problems could be solved with a bowl of chocolate milk and a therapeutic session of playing a superhero.

Remember these 3 steps to raise the spirits occupy your mind on something else, take your time on an activity and end the day doing something you pleasure. This will give your head out of that well much easier and faster than you think, you just have to try and not regret it!