Educating parents set the course for the entire life of their children. Faced with such a responsibility, it is our duty to educate them to a happy life, based on some bases we see in this note.

FamilyBases to teach your child to be happy

There are phrases of mother, father and grandparents who accompany us throughout life. We encourage, encourage and give us a caress the soul every time we think of them as “You can accomplish anything you set your mind” or “you’re great”. And there are many more who, repeated like mantras, can impact the best possible way in the life of your child.

Learning from mistakes

Errors and mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve. You must not scold your child if you make a small mistake or has a minor accident, like spilling the drink on the table or soil your clothing. Explain the best way to handle the pitcher or the brush, and say that mistakes happen, and the important thing is to learn from them not to commit them again. This will foster their learning, and also reaffirm the confidence you have placed in him or her.

Love Yourself

It is one of the most important concepts in life: to understand that, if you do not love yourself, put difficult stage for others to love you fully . And the best way to explain it to your children is to love them, pointing out their strengths constantly, clapping each one of those things that make them different from others, special and unique.

You can add another concept for other major life of each person that everyone is different, the differences are precisely what constitutes our humanity, and should not be ashamed or feel slighted by being different from the rest. This concept reborn in the age of puberty, at the comparison with his friends, and also create a great notion to form a generation of self-love and mutual acceptance and tolerance.

Be responsible for the mistakes and successes

Teach your children to take credit for their successes, humility is valued by others, especially to his adult age. But so is teaching young to take responsibility for their mistakes. Instead of scolding and shouting, tries to explain to your children the value of honesty, Apology, taking charge of one’s actions beyond the result.

Always go one step further

Here the example is the technique most valuable lesson always give a little more. While you’re tired, jaded, although you have accomplished your goal, teaches by example to always do a little more, to do their best at every task. Children who see these actions on their parents, uncles, older brothers and all his environment, tend to repeat it. It goes without saying that this will create a mindset that will allow you to excel in every aspect of his life, childhood, youth and adulthood, passing the knowledge on to their own children when the time comes.