There are many inexpensive ways to turn the TV into a Smart TV without spending a fortune, and here are five good alternatives.

How to turn your TV into a Smart TV

No need to invest heavily to enjoy the same convenience offered by the technology of smart TVs, as today we have several economic gadgets able to transform your TV into a Smart TV.

The Smart TV offer us the ability to connect to the Internet and browse a wide variety of applications. This is the great potential in the market (in addition to an impressive image quality). They are an entertainment center with advanced software that can be controlled from any mobile or tablet, but in contrast, is very expensive equipment with few customization options.

Smart TVIs it worth changing a common LED TV for Smart TV? What if there was a way to make a minimum investment that allows us to have both ? Here you are some alternatives to turn your TV LCD or LED on a Smart TV without spending much money

5 ways to turn the TV into a Smart TV

In recent years, major technology companies have launched a series of devices that have the function of a Smart TV, plus other extras news. These are the five most popular trends:


Chromecast is a device with HDMI connection capable of turning the TV into a Smart TV . We just have to make an investment of $ 35 to enjoy the ingenious product of Google.

How does it work ? Do not be fooled by its size, this flash drive is a powerful computer that connects wirelessly to your computer, smartphone, or tablet to send multimedia content to the TV. The device comes with a handful of luxury applications as Netflix, Youtube, HBO, VEVO, among others. In the Play Store and App Store we can find more compatible tools. A bargain!

EzCast, a Smart TV with little money

What could be cheaper than Chromecast? The answer is yes.

EzCast is the Swiss Army knife of pendrive of Google, an even cheaper alternative to turn the TV into a Smart TV.

This clone is practically the same as Chromecast, with the only difference that still has games. Its price is around $ 20. Incredible!

Browse the Internet on your TV with BluRay Smart

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, remember that they are always BluRay players. In fact, the new products are coming to market have wireless antenna and a dynamic interface based on the Smart TV. This means that in addition to playing content on BluRay or 3D, can also browse other applications as does a smart TV. Only a matter of a walk around a store to use a BluRay like a Smart TV. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

Apple TV

We could not miss a product of the Cupertino company. Apple TV is a gadget that connects to the TV via HDMI to access a number of applications, thematic channels, and other exclusive content.

It is true that the product is not very cheap to say (about $ 99) and are required to pay a monthly subscription, but you can enjoy your content purchased from iTunes Store directly on your TV.

Turn your TV into a Smart TV with game console

If you have a game console, uses your Internet connection to browse the applications that come on the interface. The new next-gen consoles incorporate a BluRay disc drive for watching movies, and wider than the central Smart TV apps.

In addition to playing your games you can open Netflix, Youtube videos, start a video call on Skype, and more. The only drawback is that you must manage everything from a wireless controller.

You see, these alternatives can turn your TV into a Smart TV without spending much money or replace any of your equipment.