Want to take advantage of content marketing for your business ? You can create different images, texts or videos. All this will help you be more connected with customers and capture the attention

Keys to Leverage Marketing Content

To learn how to leverage content marketing must first review what these words mean. Basically, it is a strategy used today (and especially thanks to the Internet in general and social media in particular) to present different professional information. This means that the contents are posted, published or shared with the point target of advertising, i.e. marketing.

MarketingWhile this notion is hardly new, technology has helped us a lot and today could say that only those firms with a presence in the network are those that can succeed in using content marketing.

Reaching the target audience organically, that is, without doing anything about it, is almost impossible. Over time various techniques were developed for companies to capture the attention of your target and can sell their products. The battle is very difficult and that is why we must be prepared in the best way.

Leverage content marketing is not new in the world of business, but no longer effective. SMEs do not have much money available to invest in a good strategy might look something decimated or unable to meet its objectives.

The good news is that many of the things you do on the Internet are free and can manage it all juice. In addition, there are new developments or small they decide to “go for it safe” and advertise in the old way, i.e. by more traditional means, such as a newspaper or radio station. However, it is important to have a presence on the Internet, at least a basic web site and a profile in two of the most important social networks Facebook and Twitter.

5 tips to take advantage of content marketing

The trends speak for themselves, they say, but not always know how to address them. So we can have an excellent plan of marketing, current, efficient and give us what we want, pay attention to the following tips to take advantage of content marketing:

1. Find a guide

We’re not talking about a spiritual guide (although you could serve for other issues), but you bases in the content you’ve previously used. If you have a page, a blog or an account on a social network, you’ve probably posted some information. Do not discard! Anything can serve.

The previous contents can be a starting point or a role model. Sometimes we spend hours thinking about what to publish and when those lines were written some time ago. Identify what were the articles, pictures or videos and still had more impact that way.

2. Let your customers make decisions

So that the “customer is always right” can also be applied in these tips to take advantage of content marketing . Of course, because they are the ones, ultimately, they are responsible for growing your business. As stated in the previous point, he draws revenue from publications that have had more success and impact of your customers. You can content in relation to the response or feedback you have with consumers. In turn, you have the possibility to make a kind of survey of no more than 5 short and concise questions (remember that today no one has time) and meet some tastes and preferences of those who elected you.

Do not forget some incentive to those who complete the questionnaire (a discount of 5% on the next purchase or home delivery free of charge, for example).

3. Beware of the topics you approach

Content marketing can be a very good but also bad for your business tool . Pay attention to what you post and what you mean. Every day on the agenda of public opinion there is a different theme. Do not fall into the mistake of trying to review everything, especially if you have information, or the subject does not interest you. It is better to be neutral to fall into the trap of saying and decider. On Twitter, for example, are called “trending topics” of each day, you can take advantage and talk about one that relates to your company.

4. Marketing of content: Provides appealing information

Do not spend either a title of a tabloid news, but remember that if you catch the attention of users or customers will have more opportunities to sell. The information must be fast, simple, short, necessary. Nothing to do reports or analyzes very large, because people do not read them (unfortunately). If possible, upload a photo instead of an article, or a video instead of a news story.

5. Use technology to your advantage

To take advantage of content marketing requires you to be friends with all technology, or at least that will be useful for your business. It is striking, for example, brands that use new applications that are aware of developments in the sector, making collages, they create their own videos, etc.

To take advantage of content marketing do not hesitate to consider these wonderful tips.