Source: Warmseal

With unusually high temperatures for spring in the UK this year, you can’t help but hope for a spectacular summer ahead. For conservatory owners this always presents the same question: how are you supposed to keep your conservatory cool in the stifling heat?

Left to its own devices your conservatory can quickly turn into a sauna – the last thing you want when temperatures peak. But with a few handy tweaks you can keep your cool all summer long and enjoy the best of the British weather, from the comfort of your conservatory.

Tame direct sunlight with blinds

The first step to keeping on top of the summer heat in your conservatory is to control the amount of direct sunlight shining through those big panes of glass. This is where a good set of blinds pay dividends. They’re lightweight, unlike curtains, but they also give you more control – simply close them all the way to block out the sun out completely, or you can open them partially to let in just enough light to brighten your conservatory.

The other big benefit with blinds is you can come home to a cooler conservatory by blocking out the light while you’re away. Leaving windows and doors open is a risky business, but a good set of blinds and locks will keep the temperatures down while you’re out of the house – without the security threat.

Use solar film to block the heat


Source: Warmseal

Another option you have is to use solar film, which reflects UV rays in a similar way to your sunglasses. This is ideal for sloped and roof panels that can’t be fitted with blinds, making both options a great combination. Solar film not only keeps the heat down but it also protects you and your belongings from the sun. Too much sun exposure isn’t good for anyone, but it fades the colour of your furniture too. Solar film blocks out almost 100% of harmful UV rays to protect you and your conservatory interior all year round.

Keep it ventilated when you’re home


Source: Warmseal

You may not want to leave windows open when you pop to the shops, but while you’re at home the best thing you can do is keep a flow of air running through your conservatory. So, while it’s not the most high-tech solution, opening those doors and windows is probably the best place to start. It’s the only free option you have as well – not that the previous approaches will set you back a lot. Just remember to lock everything up again when you nip to the shops for more milk!

Install a fan or air con

The previous steps should be enough to keep your conservatory cool this summer, but if you need an extra helping hand it could be time to invest in a fan or some air conditioning. Your preferred option depends on a number of things – both in terms of interior design and functionality – and it’s worth noting some air con units can heat as well as cool; which could make it an option for the winter too. Cost is the obvious question and it’s worth shopping around, while you also have to think about running costs – especially if you like the idea of air con heaters.